10Best: Fast and furious sledding hills around the USA

Days of steadfastly trudging up and rocketing down hills are usually what punctuates childhood winter memories. It's also great exercise for kids (and adults) who might otherwise be cooped up for months during winter's peak. Just in time for serious snow accumulation, here are some of the best ...

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Top five bargain destinations for winter 2014/2015

Travel deals are like arctic foxes. Both love the winter, and both can blend into the background and slip away unnoticed unless you know where to look. It's in the coldest months that deals emerge to lure hibernating travelers from their dens and out into the big, fabulous world.

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A journey deep inside Spain’s temple of cave art

I gasped at my first glimpse of a cave painting: a crude red outline of a deer with one wild circle for an eye. Its iron pigments blazed under the lamplight. The illusion of a breastbone emerged, ingeniously, out of a hump in the limestone wall.

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10 Most Dangerous Cities in the World

Traveling around the world is a great way to spend your vacation time, but not all cities are as charming as the ones in the travel brochures. While every large city has its problems, some are a little worse than others.

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Five airline fees worth paying for the holidays

You pay more than enough for airfare, blowing it up with optional fees is crazy, right? Except during the holidays. Sometimes it pays to pay more, and here are five of the more useful fees plus one non-airline offering you should consider.

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