Canada sends military police to Ukraine to boost security

Canada will send its military police to Ukraine as a part of a security cooperation agreement signed Monday that aims to help the government and security forces to protect the country's territorial integrity.

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Obama secretly extends US combat operation in Afghanistan

President Barack Obama has secretly signed an order that expands the United States’ direct combat role in Afghanistan throughout 2015, the New York Times reported.

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Secret Service arrests armed woman outside White House

Secret Service agents arrested a woman with a gun outside the White House Thursday night shortly after President Obama delivered an address to the nation on immigration, officials said.

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First take: Echoes of Bush in Obama's immigration speech

The immigration speech President Obama gave a week before Thanksgiving was the one he was supposed to give before Labor Day.

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Obama uses veto pen sparingly, but could that change?

President Obama has vetoed just two bills in nearly six years as president – fewer than any president since James Garfield's term was cut short by an assassin in 1881.

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Worshippers return to attacked Jerusalem synagogue

Jewish worshippers returned Wednesday to a Jerusalem synagogue that was the scene of a horrific attack that killed five people the day before as Palestinians braced for more punitive home demolitions amid soaring tensions.

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NSA spying bill stalls in Senate vote

Snowden's revelations outraged both liberal and conservative lawmakers, who decried the NSA's "big brother" snooping on innocent Americans. But some analysts said that anger has lessened as terrorist threats against the USA by the Islamic State and other extremist groups have gained attention.

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Panel of 16 'empowered' to study Ferguson fallout

Jay Nixon on Tuesday to lead an independent commission charged with making recommendations on how to deal with issues raised by the fatal shooting of Michael Brown and the protests that ensued.

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Racial gap in U.S. arrest rates: 'Staggering disparity'

When it comes to racially lopsided arrests, the most remarkable thing about Ferguson, Mo., might be just how ordinary it is.

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Snow way! U.S. 'hammered' by freak freeze, whiteout

The blast of Arctic air set off a lake-effect snowstorm across parts of the New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin.

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